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Polar Bear Tony Nastro seen here on page 40 of TimeOut New York.
Interview From September 29-October-5 Anniversary Edition
Readers loved "The Crazy S#*! People Do" March 3-9-, 2005 Which exposed the eccentric activities of our fellow New Yorkers. Cover stud Tony Nastro - Who, along with the rest of the Coney Island Polar Bears Club, swim in the atlantic every ass freezing winter Sunday- recalls the reaction. "A lot of Give Me your autograph, don’t get a big head, we see the snow melting behind your feet when you walk down the beach.' "Any groupie action?" "Being Married, I don't really notice that stuff," Nastro says. "But my wife thought it was the best! She said, "The reason why the photographer picked you out of all the fellows in the club is he looked in your eyes and he knows he's seen a polar bear."

Thank You Time Out New York

Photos by Tony and Kevin

Take Me Out To The Ball Game; Take me out with the crowd.Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don't care if I never get back, Let me root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win it's a shame.
July 22, 2005 the Coney Island Polar Bears and the Brooklyn Cyclones got together, the Cyclones played the Jammers and won 11 to 1, the Coney Island Polar had a night of fun and laughter.

Photo by Jason Youzwak

Hope you got a chance to attend the Mermaid Parade
June 25, 2005  Seen here Dennis Thomas, Vice President of the Polar Bears Looks like Dennis went fishing this summer..and a very special thank you to Adrienne for her commitment to the Polar Bear Club.

June 18, 2005: Gorden seen here as part of the rescue crew helping victims of the chopper downed in the east river. Gorden works as an EMT as well as being the official photographer of the Coney Island Polar Bears.
Way to go G Man!

photos by Danny

Polar Bear Tony Nastro seen here doing a Good Deed for P.S. 50 of Staten Island's Spring Festival,
Tony seen here being dunked . Keep up the Good Work Polar Bears.

Polar Bear New Flash, June 3, 2005

Photos By Oscar Abolafia

Louse Scarcella, President of the Coney Island Polar Bears working for a good cause
Seen here May 15, 2005 in Divers Suit taking a dip in the ocean for "Bayfest" run by the Bay Improvement Group (BIG) and The Cultural Research Divers

Photo by Dannel Driscoll

The Last Circle of the Season May 1, 2005
The day continued with a party and everyone one contributed something.

Photos by Dannel Driscoll

The Polar Bears Season runs from October thru April see you in the fall Polar Bears

Voted Tenth Best Cover Of Ten Years

A Coney Island Polar Bear

Look who’s on the cover of Time Out New York
Is it Crazy to swim in the frigate waters of the Atlantic Ocean in a Snow Storm
You decide for your self.

Orchard Beach Swim

Photo By Gorden

Sunday February 13, 2005 the day before Valentines Day. It was a sunny day, temperature in the forties. At 1:00 PM the Conch shell sounded. We left an over crowed room and to the beach we went. When out of some ones imagination a Red Chubby Cupid with red wings, red swim trunks and a red cap showed up and gave the She Bears and the children Valentine Polar Bears.
We did our little jumping jacks to the familiar voice of our drill master.Then into the water, for merriment and laughter.
We were in strange waters, Orchard Beach the Bronx. The water was in the low thirties. The circle was made and I stood in two feet of water. Across from me stood some of our taller members the water was up to there shoulders, the sand was soft and moved under our feet. I thought that they were standing low, until we started walking around and before I knew it I had to go up on my toes.
Our Leader, who is always on the look out for trouble, broke the circle and advised us to be careful and to look out for each other. Our friendly club photographer was up to his chest in the water as usual, one more step and his camera would have been under water.
Out of the water for some photographs on the beach. I was standing next to two of visiting She bears from Denmark. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but you could tell by their smile, it was as if they were home.
Back to the small room for small talk, change of clothes and home.

Another great day, thanks to the


Photo By Gorden

Snow Swim

Saturday Jan.22, 2005 the snow was falling and eight of us showed up for a snow swim. Not as cold as the night before but Cold the way we like it. Ice was on the rocks. The Daily News. Post and Newsday all showed up together. They did what they were there to do. We did what we were there to do, and what we do best is Laugh, Sing and Play. The Daily News photographer stayed and had lunch with us and promised to send photos for the CLUB web site.
Sunday Jan.23, 2005 AM this Bear just came in from being behind th plow. A cup of coffee some oat meal with almonds and raisins, didn't I say the wife is the greatest. Showered and waiting for the call to the beach.
The call came at 9:30 AM the Aquarium will be open we swim at 1:PM. Cleaned the car off and of we go, it took all of 45 minutes, nice and slow no problems, except the snow had stoped. There were no cars on W10th street, the street was impossaible to get down. So Down to the Aquarium parking lot, no good they wouldn't let us in, but we could walk thru. Some of the guys where parking on Surf Ave, let the wife out and I went to find a spot to park.
After a few photos were taken up the stairs to another Sunday swim. A few of the cubs were still talking about the Friday swim.Wanted to know if it gets any worse than that. They were reasured, that it was as bad as it could get and I saw my nose growing right Into the water.
The water was brisk and invigorating, with a strong undertow. The smart thing to do is to stay 4 or 5 minutes in the water and then get out. No show boating, when the club leaders say out we all get out.
That is what I still find amazing we all work well together.
Night Swim
Friday night Jan.21, 2005 at 8PM the Bears and Cubs came out. It had to be one of the most bitter nights of the year. The Bears were treated to the antics of the Cubs. A wonderfull bunch of young people with heart.They sang, they played and looked out for each other. Real Bears in training.We teach by example and we Bears taught well. Two of our she Cubs came after we were out of the water and went into the water under the watchfull eyes of a Bear. It was great.
The media showed, News ONE and WABC Seven. Seven had us at eleven, News one had us in the morning hours .

Coney Island Polar Bears Swim
Every Sunday at 1PM
From November thru April

We meet At West 8th Street and the Boardwalk
For more Information
Coming events:
Febuary,13th Orchard Beach Swim
Be it Coney Island or Orchard Beach, you have to get wet.

Photo By Susan Greaves

Photos By Gordon Gattsek,

 Coney Island Polar Bears at the MS  Bike Ride.
The team:  James Wynne, Lucy Prieto, Kevin Kiely, Ben Karassik
                  Capri Djatiasmoro, Robert Rivera, Dovid Fein 

Michael a member of the Polar Bear Club  and his Mom, Felice describe their meal experience Michael and his mom, lifetime Brooklynites have been involved with Citymeals for about three years.This mother and son team regularly deliver meals throughout the year on Saturdays from the Caring Community Center regardless of the weather.  For more information

Coney Island Polar Bears met with the Long Island Polar Bear Club
To help raise money for Make A Wish Foundation A Good Time Was Had By All
Click to see photos

see Louse Scarcella Vidio

Members of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club take a ritual dip in the ocean yesterday. They are, left to right in the top photo, Oscar Abolafia, Lina Oleynikova, Tony Nastro, and Louis Scarcella. Photos by Konrad Fiedler

Coney Island Polar Bears Bid 'Farewell to Winter'